Personality is a highly fictionalized and misunderstood force in human nature. This limits improving as well as leaving disordered relationships.”

Psychological illiteracy is associated with losing hope, needless aggression, disturbed loyalties and questionable leadership.”

Primitive adults passively or aggressively oppose having their elite psychological certainty challenged by others. Primitive adults commonly hijack causal reasoning.”

Oppressing intellectual diversity, in declining relationships or media outlets, has elements of Fascist reasoning.”

Apart from marital status, maturing adults will spend some portion of their lives in each chapter of this book.”


Throughout his career, Dr. Withers has worked with individuals, couples and senior citizens.

Dr. Withers has been a private practitioner for over twenty six years. He has been a consultant for IBM in Austin, Texas and the Family Practice Department at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston, Texas. As a doctoral student, Dr. Withers researched variations in marital satisfaction. (B.A., The University of Texas at Austin - Ph.D., Texas A&M University)

Dr. Withers is a psychologist who reduces the knowledge gap between what clients and practitioners know regarding personality and how it shapes lives. Simply put, Dr Withers helps individuals and couples increase their psychological literacy. Psychological literacy is a courageous link to enhanced reasoning skills and adaptive potential, core features of effective treatment.

For more information about about psychological consultation for individuals and couples, please visit Dr. Withers' counseling history page.

George Withers, Ph.D.



In his latest book, Divorce Brutality: Why Marriages and Relatioships Die - A Window Into Personality and Social Decay, Dr. Withers helps lay and professional readers understand how personality works. He integrates sound principles from psychodynamic, developmental, interpersonal, ego and abnormal psychology. For more information on this publication, please visit Dr. Withers' books page.

Understanding the predictable dynamics of maladaptive personality helps individuals understand declining relationships and divorce. Abusing the institution of marriage parallels questionable motives found in divorce, family values, politics, religion and biased journalism.