Personality is a highly fictionalized and misunderstood force in human nature. This limits improving as well as leaving disordered relationships.”

Psychological illiteracy is associated with losing hope, needless aggression, disturbed loyalties and questionable leadership.”

Primitive adults passively or aggressively oppose having their elite psychological certainty challenged by others. Primitive adults commonly hijack causal reasoning.”

Oppressing intellectual diversity, in declining relationships or media outlets, has elements of Fascist reasoning.”

Apart from marital status, maturing adults will spend some portion of their lives in each chapter of this book.”



by George H. Withers Ph.D.

Divorce is a psychological stress test that captures predictable variations in personality. Personality, not intelligence, shapes relationships. Relational health is difficult to understand when professionals and partners skip over core dynamics of personality. This book defines personality agendas that reside beneath our surface diversity.

Many adults are fascinated with medical death. Maturing adults want to know why their relationships are dying. Interpersonal mystery may have some initial appeal, yet it confounds relationships and prolongs painful losses. Dr. Withers is a psychologist who reduces the knowledge gap between what clients and practitioners know regarding personality and how it shapes lives. Personality influences perception, reasoning and thus relational health.

Each year millions unknowingly grapple with maladaptive personality. Adults have been abusing institutions such as marriage and Congress throughout history. Individuals who have tried to salvage a close relationship will have their instincts validated. Most adults want relationships, but many resist having their interpersonal motives scrutinized by others.

Relationships do not mysteriously die. Interpersonal decline promotes both adaptive and maladaptive anxiety. Separating fact from fiction has tormented great thinkers throughout history. Our founding fathers worried about the longevity of their fledgling union and the generational emergence of evil. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. challenged us to improve the validity of our social judgments. Maturing adults frequently find themselves interacting with others who fictionalize interpersonal reality. This elitism drives needless aggression and social decay.